Top 10 Beaches In Italy (Part I)

With a coastline of about 7,458 km including that of its islands, the Italian peninsula has a huge number of sandy shores. We have come up with the top 10 beaches in Italy. These beaches stand out from the rest because of their beauty and varied forms.


  1. The first in the ranking is a beautiful beach in Sicily, called the San Vito lo Capo, in the province of Trapani. With crystal-clear water and smooth white sand, this place was voted top notch in Italy and the 8th in the entire Europe.

It is located on the promontory of Capo San Vito, in the west coast of the Island facing the gulf of Macari, and just adjacent is the gulf of Castellammare where in the proximity is the Zingaro natural reserve where the flora and fauna are unparalleled.


  1. In the second place is the little town of Villasimius, in the province of Cagliari, in the island of Sardinia. It has a small population of 3.365 but has been dwelt since the ancient times, this has been proven by archeological findings like the Nuraghi a ziggurat like structure that dates back from XIX -VI century BC, and also Roman ruins dating from III century BC to VI century AD.


You can enjoy not only the beautiful seashore but ancient ruins and breath-taking landscape as well and at night time in the vicinity, you can hang out in the several nightclubs that liven up the summer nights of tourists from all over Italy.


  1. The third in beach beauty is in Otranto, in the province of Lecce, in Puglia. Crystal’s turquoise water is what you will see here, and not only that, the town is rich in architectural heritage; it is located in the Adriatic coast.

An old town, people have been living in the perimeter as early as the Paleolithic and Neolithic era. This conclusion was made when in 1995 an ancient wall, and its gate was discovered by an archeologist. The beach is perfect for tourist and also for the diving enthusiasts.


  1. Sardinia has a second entry in the top 10 beaches in Italy; the place is Poetto, and it is the longest beach in Cagliari, stretching for eight km. You can also find a great number of restaurants in the vicinity serving traditional dishes. At night time, Poetto is as well a favorite hang-out of young people from Cagliari, a perfect meeting place.


  1. Vieste beach is on the fifth place; it is a part of a small town of the same name. It is located in the province of Foggia, In Puglia region, with a population of 13.837 persons.


The beach itself has a very good reputation it is again and again been given a blue flag which means, high standard and safe for swimmers, not only that, the town as well gives tourists another option to visit the place as there are numerous archeological sites. Near the shoreline is located a medieval cathedral and the castle of Vieste