May Adventures Never Cease!

The Journey is the Destination. To cease learning is to be deceased.

I love to explore. To hike, drive, fly, or even kayak through places I’ve never seen before. I like it more so if I am discovering something new about terrain I thought I had mastered.  One of the most inspiring things about this life is that you can spend years thinking you know all about a place or profession, only to be left staring in wide-eyed wonder from a new vantage point. A vantage point bringing to light new jewels of insight. The insight may simply be the realization that you don’t know all of it. And for those who find this life to be mundane, it may be that you have created a safe life for yourself, one that you know all about. To you, I can only suggest Google.

Google, the perfect place to begin dreaming about your bucket list. But where to start? there’s an even bigger world outside your career. I’m sitting here in the comfort of our studio. Outside, a refreshing tropical shower cools the heat of the day; I’m dreaming up my own list. I don’t have to look very far either because in the review section here at Learning Experience there are enough learning vacations listed to keep me busy for a few years!

I love it because the options are so varied: Freediving with Dolphins in Bimini, Fashion Photography from L.A. to Paris, Las Vegas gambling, Hiking in Yosemite with singer-songwriters, Wilderness and Mountaineering Schools in Australia, Africa, and Alaska, Kung Fu in China, C.S.I workshops in California.!!!

The list goes on and as I read I feel an itch in my feet! I have to get moving, there is so much to see, so much to learn.

But how!? I can’t just pack up and leave 6 months ago that is exactly what I did. With the help of some very good friends, I was able to renovate my home and find some tenants. I then bought a plane ticket and QUIT MY JOB! May adventures never cease!

In May the crew is going to pack up and leave! We will be starting our adventure in Florida and from there driving to California.  Along the way, cameras rolling, we will be showcasing different learning vacations and taking part in the experiences they offer.