Math In Shuffle

If you know where they started at each pointas you go from left to right, you know there’s only oneof two cards that could be appearing.And actually there’s a number of magic tricksthat rely on this fact.So if you get a deck of cards and move one and then riffleshuffle, you can spot with–the moved card– because it won’t fit into oneof these rising sequences.As mathematicians have shown that for this kind of shuffle,you need to shuffle the deck at least half a dozen or so timesto get something that’s as good as random.And in casinos in that period, people were actuallyonly shuffling them once.So really if you can track what’s happened,you’ve got a huge amount of informationabout what’s going on.And in many cases, they would actually sneak in pieces.And again, another opportunity at confusing casinos–to track the cards that have come previously. Read more about shuffle and how to use math in there at CasinoSlots.

And whereas before card counters would measure what’s comeand then get a custom approximation of what’sleft, now they’d actually at each point in timeknow that there’s only one of two cards that could appear.So this is a terrific advantage that they had.But this poses a challenge, because how do you capitaliseon that?At each point in time, let’s say,there’s a card that’s advantageousand less beneficial.How do you make that decision about how muchto risk in that situation?And what I want to do is just start with a simple example.Let’s suppose we have a coin toss.And I’m going to offer you a biassed bet here.So I’m going to offer you two to one odds on tails.So in other words, you name an amount of money.If it comes up heads, you pay me that amount of money.If it comes up tails, then I will pay youdouble the amount you named.So clearly that’s a pretty stupid bet on my part.I’m giving you an advantage.But how much would you be willing to risk?After all, it is a coin toss, and you would stillhave a chance of losing money.Could I just get a quick show of hands?Who here would be willing to risk one pound on that bet?Show of hands–OK, so I think most of you.

Keep your hand out if you be willing to risk 10 pounds.OK, how about 100 pounds?OK, and 500?How many times do you get to play?Once.OK, so there’s a few people left.I’m not sure if they’re playing with monopoly money.But OK, so if you put your hands down.That wasn’t legally binding, anyway.But I waned to give you a chance to kind of geta feeling of measuring risk.How much are you willing to risk in that situation?And I don’t know if you can see, but actually the handskind of went down a lot between 10 and a hundred pounds.But this is quite an important question for gamblers.And actually in the ’50s, a physicistcalled John Kelly started thinkingabout this idea of biassed bets.Suppose you have inside information.And you have some edge over a book maker or casino.How do you exploit that?In this situation for you, although I gave all of youthe exact same bets– mathematically it’s the sameoffer–your perception of the value of that was very different.Some of you valued it at a pound, some at 10, some at 500.What’s the optimal thing to do there?

Through Backgammon History

The game spread to the Levant; an area bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the west, the Arabian desert in the north, and Mesopotamia to the east. The game also spread to the islands of Crete and Cyprus, although these cultures, as well as Levant, considered Senet a game rather than something divine or spiritual.

Square #15, showing a symbol of life and known as the “House of Rebirth” was probably the starting square. Square #26 was a “good” square, while square # 27, water, was a “bad” square to land on.

Pawns were also found with the games. The earliest games had seven pawns per player; later paintings of the game show five, seven, or, occasionally, ten markers for each player.

Although the exact rules of Senet remain a mystery, some conjectures have been made. Players moved their pawns according to a throw of sticks; each stick had two sides, and there were four of these sticks. Later, knucklebones, small pyramid shapes, were introduced. Knucklebones were the predecessors of modern-day dice.

Archeologist Timothy Kendall formulated the following rules for Senet, and, assuming he is correct, one can see the similarity to our modern-day backgammon. The arrows in figure 3 below show the order of progression for the pawns. The white men belong to the first player and the black men belong to the second player, each sitting on opposite sides of the board. The object of the game is to remove all your men from the board, as in modern backgammon. Each player moved his pieces according to the throw of the sticks or knucklebones. If your man landed on your opponent’s piece, the two pieces exchanged places on the board. Two men in adjacent squares were protected from being “hit.” A man could not land on a house occupied by the player’s own piece.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Exactly What A Lawyer Resume Really Should Not Be

It is well known that a cv in almost any job use will be the step one. Right here is the point that individuals can display the best of yourself. The prospect that any of us really should be granted attention so we are worthy of a job interview. We also understand that this is where we need to present all of our achievements and also the potential that individuals have. More frequently, resumes would be the ways that an employer would probably evaluate should the prospect stands out as the right human being for the position. It is as a result of this them to filter and judge which ones should certainly go to a higher level of job application whole process. And that is why we must always make good with crafting our resumes. Many of us already realize how in order to make the basic in resumes. What’s going to be discoursed let us discuss the typical items that every curriculum vitae, a lawyer resume, mustn’t be. If you are being unsure pertaining to including anything in your resume or you require tactics in how you can make one then read more for further tips.


By using a lots of unnecessary terms is a no-no in this making a curriculum vitae. As with several resumes for any job application, virtually all businesses will not possess the time in the world reading through an autobiography when the essential matter they would want to find out may be the employment heritage. What on earth is recommendable may be to create your job labels from your prior work experience brief. Employ highly accurate words and phrases. Try to offer an productive tone. Highlight exclusively the most important thing. Whether or not it is your triumphs that you are currently talking about then it is better to possibly not beat around the bush. Specifics would be instructed soon after after you last but not least are located on the interview office chair.







Top 10 Hiking Tips

Tip #1

A good trail map is an essential item to bring on a hike, but what if it rains or snows?  It’s always a good idea to keep your map in a clear plastic bag.  Some people go to the trouble of laminating their maps, which is even better.  Also, check your local hiking retailers as some of them sell laminated maps for popular local hiking trails.

Tip #2

When hiking in high elevation areas during the summer, get an early start to avoid afternoon thunderstorms.  Keep an eye on the sky up above, because clouds can be a sign of a potential thunderstorm.  If you are hiking above the tree line, lightning can be a serious threat.

Tip #3

Consider using trekking poles! They will help you when hiking uphill by taking some weight off your legs, and they will save your knees and help you balance when hiking downhill. Some can even act as a tripod for your camera.

Tip #4

Instead of just throwing your clothes, food, and equipment into your backpack, divide the gear up into stuff sacks that will help keep things organized. Plastic storage bags can work well because you can see what’s inside and they’re waterproof.

Tip #5

Even though what you REALLY want to do when you first get home might be to just crash on the couch, it’s worth taking the time to clean gear right away when you return. For example, storing a tent with dirt in or on it can cause the fabric to wear out more quickly, while cleaning will help prolong the life of the tent. Take care of your hiking investments!

Tip #6

Make meal preparations faster and easier following a long day of hiking by putting all of the ingredients for each meal together in one or two plastic storage bags. For example, if you’re making pasta, have the sauce (dried or not), pasta, and any seasonings all together so you don’t have to dig through your pack when all you want to do is eat and then crash in your sleeping bag.

Tip #7

Skip the expensive, pre-package trail mix – just make your own one using either particular ingredients or whatever you find in your cupboards!  Start with standard ingredients like peanuts, pretzels, and raisins or other dried fruit.  Then try sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, shredded coconut, cashews, white chocolate chips, banana chips, goldfish crackers, chocolate covered espresso beans, and dried mango for some variety.

Tip #8

Dogs make GREAT hiking companions!  When hiking with your dog, consider having your dog wear a small doggie backpack so he or she can carry treats and maybe some water.  Let your dog wear the backpack around the house and on neighborhood walks to get used to the feel.

Tip #9

If you don’t feel like dropping the dough for a backpack cover, try using a sturdy plastic trash bag.  Find one that’s made from pretty durable plastic and toss a spare bag in your pack in case you snag the one you’re using on a branch.

Tip #10

At the end of a long hike, you’ll probably just want to get some food in your rumbling stomach.  Two good choices are angel hair pasta and couscous – both cook VERY quickly.  Toss some dried veggies in the water, mix in some sauce, and you have yourself a meal!


Top 10 Beaches In Italy (Part II)

  1. For families, the ideal place is Jesolo, in the province of Venice. The place is well developed that aside from the magnificent beach, that town also possessed archeological sites, museums, galleries, libraries, and recreation parks.

For instance, the Aqualand, a water theme park the best in Italy, a golf club, mini golf, kart racing, and an amusement park with over 50 attractions. Jesolo possessed two shorelines in the north, there’s the Venetian lagoon and in the south is the Adriatic sea. And there are many playgrounds for children as well. Hotels are situated where clients can possibly overlook the waterfront.

  1. Once again, in Sardinia, in the province of Sassari lies a series of beaches that constitutes the coast of Alghero, it extends for 80 km. And different names were applied on beaches in a certain zone. For example, the Buranti, the Lazzaretto, the Calabona, The Lido and the Maria Pia to name a few. All and all the coastline of Alghero amounts to 35 different beaches.

The city plays an important role in the economy of Sardinia; it possesses Universities, an airport, museums, libraries, archives, theaters and archeological sites.

The Capo Testa beach is one of the most beautiful places in region, the shore-line is like a little gulf located near the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura in the north of the island of Sardinia.

Alghero maybe not be famous throughout the world but surely a perfect place to visit, especially during summertime, for its beautiful white, smooth sandy beaches. And one particular tourist attraction is the Cave of Neptune.

  1. Positano reaches the eighth place in the top 10 beaches in Italy. It a small town in the province of Salerno, in Campagna. It is a part of the world heritage the Amalfi coast, aside from the beach the place offers the spectacular panorama of the town, which goes upwards to the hills.

It was a favorite resort of high-ranking officials during the Roman era as evidenced by the discovery of a Roman house beneath the church of Santa Maria Assunta. And one of the main access to reach the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia.

  1. The beach of Cattolica is the second-to-last in the classification; it is located in the province of Rimini, in Emilia Romagna region. Ideal also for family vacations and destination, children will surely enjoy their time here as there is a beautiful Aquarium and a recreation park, near the two mile-wide beach you can find restaurants, shops, and bars.
  2. Riccione is the last but surely not the least, as a multitude of tourist flocks in this place during summer, especially the younger ones. Attracted by a large variety of discothèques, bars and clubs, which are located literally near the shoreline. These facilities render Riccione the Fun capital of Italy. And that completes the list of the top 10 beaches in Italy.


Top 10 Beaches In Italy (Part I)

With a coastline of about 7,458 km including that of its islands, the Italian peninsula has a huge number of sandy shores. We have come up with the top 10 beaches in Italy. These beaches stand out from the rest because of their beauty and varied forms.


  1. The first in the ranking is a beautiful beach in Sicily, called the San Vito lo Capo, in the province of Trapani. With crystal-clear water and smooth white sand, this place was voted top notch in Italy and the 8th in the entire Europe.

It is located on the promontory of Capo San Vito, in the west coast of the Island facing the gulf of Macari, and just adjacent is the gulf of Castellammare where in the proximity is the Zingaro natural reserve where the flora and fauna are unparalleled.


  1. In the second place is the little town of Villasimius, in the province of Cagliari, in the island of Sardinia. It has a small population of 3.365 but has been dwelt since the ancient times, this has been proven by archeological findings like the Nuraghi a ziggurat like structure that dates back from XIX -VI century BC, and also Roman ruins dating from III century BC to VI century AD.


You can enjoy not only the beautiful seashore but ancient ruins and breath-taking landscape as well and at night time in the vicinity, you can hang out in the several nightclubs that liven up the summer nights of tourists from all over Italy.


  1. The third in beach beauty is in Otranto, in the province of Lecce, in Puglia. Crystal’s turquoise water is what you will see here, and not only that, the town is rich in architectural heritage; it is located in the Adriatic coast.

An old town, people have been living in the perimeter as early as the Paleolithic and Neolithic era. This conclusion was made when in 1995 an ancient wall, and its gate was discovered by an archeologist. The beach is perfect for tourist and also for the diving enthusiasts.


  1. Sardinia has a second entry in the top 10 beaches in Italy; the place is Poetto, and it is the longest beach in Cagliari, stretching for eight km. You can also find a great number of restaurants in the vicinity serving traditional dishes. At night time, Poetto is as well a favorite hang-out of young people from Cagliari, a perfect meeting place.


  1. Vieste beach is on the fifth place; it is a part of a small town of the same name. It is located in the province of Foggia, In Puglia region, with a population of 13.837 persons.


The beach itself has a very good reputation it is again and again been given a blue flag which means, high standard and safe for swimmers, not only that, the town as well gives tourists another option to visit the place as there are numerous archeological sites. Near the shoreline is located a medieval cathedral and the castle of Vieste


May Adventures Never Cease!

The Journey is the Destination. To cease learning is to be deceased.

I love to explore. To hike, drive, fly, or even kayak through places I’ve never seen before. I like it more so if I am discovering something new about terrain I thought I had mastered.  One of the most inspiring things about this life is that you can spend years thinking you know all about a place or profession, only to be left staring in wide-eyed wonder from a new vantage point. A vantage point bringing to light new jewels of insight. The insight may simply be the realization that you don’t know all of it. And for those who find this life to be mundane, it may be that you have created a safe life for yourself, one that you know all about. To you, I can only suggest Google.

Google, the perfect place to begin dreaming about your bucket list. But where to start? there’s an even bigger world outside your career. I’m sitting here in the comfort of our studio. Outside, a refreshing tropical shower cools the heat of the day; I’m dreaming up my own list. I don’t have to look very far either because in the review section here at Learning Experience there are enough learning vacations listed to keep me busy for a few years!

I love it because the options are so varied: Freediving with Dolphins in Bimini, Fashion Photography from L.A. to Paris, Las Vegas gambling, Hiking in Yosemite with singer-songwriters, Wilderness and Mountaineering Schools in Australia, Africa, and Alaska, Kung Fu in China, C.S.I workshops in California.!!!

The list goes on and as I read I feel an itch in my feet! I have to get moving, there is so much to see, so much to learn.

But how!? I can’t just pack up and leave 6 months ago that is exactly what I did. With the help of some very good friends, I was able to renovate my home and find some tenants. I then bought a plane ticket and QUIT MY JOB! May adventures never cease!

In May the crew is going to pack up and leave! We will be starting our adventure in Florida and from there driving to California.  Along the way, cameras rolling, we will be showcasing different learning vacations and taking part in the experiences they offer.

Just Another Day at the Dream Factory

You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re on your own and you know what you know.

And you are the one who’ll decide where to go. ~Dr. Seuss

Time is the most valuable asset we have. It is evenly divided amongst us all at midnight; 24 more hours for each breathing soul, every day that we live. What truly defines us is how we choose to spend our rations of time. Like money, time is an asset that can be invested wisely or frivolously squandered. It differs greatly from financial assets though in that you can’t save it, no matter how many gadgets you buy that promise you otherwise. You get richer the more you spend it with others and it appreciates in value in direct proportion to the amount you choose to enjoy it. One of my favorite quotes is from Bruce Lee, who said: If you love life, don’t waste time- for time is what life is made up of.

These days I am a time wealthy man. I honestly can’t imagine any better way of spending my hours than doing what I do every day. My job is to dream big and then figure out how to make it happen. I was laughing with Josh about the fact that the 12-year-old version of me would be so proud of his future. This week here at the dream factory we have been testing the new camera and audio equipment and making music. The great thing about dreaming life up as you go is that tangents are the path, not distractions from it. A few days ago I was taking a break from playing with the new camera and was sitting on the Terraza messing around on my guitar. I have always loved music and have owned a guitar for a long time but only recently decided that I wanted to learn badly enough to practice. Like so many other people I always wanted to play music but wished I could just plug in like they did in The Matrix and instantly be good, skipping the hours of practice that it requires improving. So I was messing around with a few chords and they turned into a riff worth repeating. Josh looked up from his computer and said That’s catchy, what’s that you’re playing? I’ve never written any of my own songs before, but he nudged me into putting some words down on paper. He gave me some advice on chorus chords and transitions, and what started as messing around grew into a song. Josh pushed me to finish the lyrics, added his own guitar part and then set up all of his equipment and we recorded it the day I finished. I certainly gained a new respect for the recording process. For starters, it took more than a few ounces of liquid courage to even be able to sing into a microphone, and hearing my own voice for the first time wasn’t fun. I have always been one of that mutter-the-words-while-you-try-to-not-mess-up-the-chords kind of players that could only sing when no one is actually paying attention. I don’t know if my song is good or bad; I still wince a little hearing my own voice. but Josh did a great job putting the pieces together. Don’t worry, I won’t be quitting my day job just yet or grabbing the mic at karaoke night anytime soon but I tried it, and I learned a lot. I guess if I am going to host this show we are working on I’m going to have to get used to sharing these types of things with everyone, so we are going to post the song later this week.

For starters, it took more than a few ounces of liquid courage to even be able to sing into a microphone, and hearing my own voice for the first time wasn’t fun. I have always been one of that mutter-the-words-while-you-try-to-not-mess-up-the-chords kind of players that could only sing when no one is actually paying attention. I don’t know if my song is good or bad; I still wince a little hearing my own voice. but Josh did a great job putting the pieces together. Don’t worry, I won’t be quitting my day job just yet or grabbing the mic at karaoke night anytime soon but I tried it, and I learned a lot. I guess if I am going to host this show we are working on I’m going to have to get used to sharing these types of things with everyone, so we are going to post the song later this week.

During the course of Learning Experience, I’m going to be attempting to do a lot of different things, most of which are passions that people spend lifetimes working to improve at. I’m going to be good at some of them, and I’m sure many others will be glorious failures. Especially the first attempts. Hopefully, my successes will serve as inspiration and my failures will at least be entertaining. This week I took my first leap into the risk by attempting to learn the language of songwriting. Just as Josh is gaining an appreciation for how hard it is to make great visual images, I’m learning how hard it is to make music. Our journey has already begun and we haven’t even left the building.


Broken Jaw Film School

Adventure is all about the unknown. Today I went surfing. So?! big deal, I go surfing all the time. Sometimes twice a day.  Let me remind you that I am not a cameraman or photographer. I am all about Songwriting, Performing and Recording. Today I went surfing with a waterproof video camera.  I was playing with some of our new equipment as Zach wants us all to be familiar with the new gear. This was no ordinary session either. I have only surfed this particular break once in 4 years. Why?
Almost 4 years ago I broke my jaw into 3 pieces at this surf spot. Every hair on the back of my neck and arms is standing up as I remember. I was hit by a wooden surfboard, MY wooden surfboard.  It chipped one of my molars, and one of my front teeth fell out inside my mouth because the bone had snapped clean and could not hold it in place. Not to mention the fin chop on my bicep, a mere footnote in the story. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out where I was, which way was up and which direction I had to go to make it to shore. Miraculously I was not knocked unconscious. As I began the long paddle into shore I caught myself spitting out pieces of my teeth and thanking God that I was still alive. Zach was still surfing while all this was happening. When I finally made it back to the sand, Carlos was the first to meet me. I had only known Z for maybe a month at this point, and barely knew Carlos. We left immediately in search of a clinic or somewhere to at least get pain killers until we could make it to a hospital.  In the days to follow Z took care of everything. Driving me 2.5 hours to San Jose at 9:00 in the evening, speaking to the doctors, organizing a hotel room, making international phone calls, he even threw me a few Benjamins.  The injury resulted in an operation to implant 2 titanium plates and 6 screws into my jaw. Those I keep for life. The doctor put me on a liquid diet for an entire month. Friendships were solidified that day; friendships that now consist of a lot of laughing, mocking, and the unspoken knowledge that someone always has your back.

Four years later my jaw is totally fine, and I’m back here enjoying another sunset surf. I’m learning about photography and video from Zach and Carlos and sharing my knowledge of audio recording and music. Because we are a small crew, Z wants us all to train each other so that we each know how to do everything on a shoot. It turns out that shooting video in the surf is a lot harder than it looks! You would think that all you have to do is just point and shoot right?  Sure! -if you just want a dizzy home video.  I also learned that I can paddle into waves with a camera in one hand and my video looks horrible! Practice! I have a newfound respect for the photographers who swim all day capturing hours of clean stable smooth footage.

My adventure today reminded me of a few things:  The right knowledge, skills, and equipment are vital.  No matter what task you are undertaking. If you are not armed with these then you will not be equipped to explore the unknown.